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Curing Shoes Maintenance Method
Sep 17, 2018

1, regular cleaning shoes, the upper dirty, with a soft cloth dipped in water or detergent lightly wipe, do not brush with brush.

2, the leather sneakers should be polish to ensure the toughness.

3, cleaning can not use bleach.

4, avoid water seepage, exposure and fire roast, avoid direct sunlight after washing, lest cause aging, deformation, fading and mesh fracture.

5. Avoid contact with sharp objects and chemicals.

6, maintain more than two pairs of replaceable shoes, let the shoes take turns rest.

7, to pay attention to special shoes, casual shoes, sandals should not do strenuous exercise, indoor sports shoes should not be outdoor strenuous exercise.

8, when used, the outsole to avoid contact with oil or other corrosive agents, if contaminated, need to immediately rinse with water.

9, shoelace/magic tape should not be tied too tight, to foot can activity is appropriate, otherwise it will affect the comfort degree.

10, when not wearing, remove the insole, put the shoes in a dry and ventilated place, easy to heat the shoes, restore the original.

11. try to avoid squeezing so that the shoes remain in the original state without deformation.

12, when not used for a long time, should be washed and dried, wrapped in paper and stored in a dry place.

13, avoid high-temperature baking, such as in the case of water immersion can be stuffed in the shoe towel, suck dry moisture and moisture, place ventilation air dry can.

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