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Sep 17, 2018

In general, if you go to the seaside or visit places of interest on the ground, you can choose to wear sports sandals or casual shoes, if you go to the mountains, mountain climbing, rock climbing or wilderness exploration, it is best to select the soles of large particles, strong grip, anti-slip wear-resistant sports shoes. Comfort is the first element, followed by seismic + grip + anti-slip + warm. Generally speaking, if you go to the tropics or islands, for water activities and land-based visits, you can choose to wear sports sandals or casual shoes, to the metropolitan area, to visit or shopping mainly, it is recommended to wear general flat-bottomed casual shoes, if you go to the mountains, hiking, or jungle adventure, such as outdoor activities, It is best to choose shoes with large soles, strong grip, non-slip, wear-resistant sports and leisure footwear. To reduce the impact of foot and ground when walking, the key lies in the design of the sole. In terms of the "shock absorption function ", The thick rubber-soled shoes are much better than the thin leather-soled shoes. If the shoes are not anti-seismic, it is easy to cause discomfort in the feet, causing pain. On the other hand, professional casual shoes also have air cushion design, effectively reduce impact. In line with the body mechanics of the integrated molding design, more can make the foot completely relaxed, even long distances, do not feel tired.

Suggest that you may as well in the purchase, many compare, the most important is-try to wear, let your foot grading.

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