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The craft of casual shoes
Sep 17, 2018

Generally get off the double line, to increase the thickness of the line, appear rugged and strong, in line-intensive, the car is better, can increase the flexibility of the line. Used in the tongue, eyebrow piece, back sleeve, sideways position. Computer embroidery In addition to the inheritance of several decoration in the shape, color, texture and other aspects of the changes, the most prominent is also has a gloss on the change.

As the embroidery line has a natural, pleasing luster, making embroidery exceptionally bright attractive, so can improve the quality of shoes and price. The smooth, neat and smooth appearance of the line will not only improve the strength, but also highlight the contour of the part. Most of the common printing of casual sneakers is screen printing.

Its simple operation, low cost, in addition to through the shape of the change, but also mainly through the change of color to enrich the variety of leisure sports shoes, a style can be equipped with a variety of colors. is to apply the thermoplastic material through the heated mold pressure to cut, and  "Welding" on the help parts, while producing a color embossed pattern of a decorative method. This process is also a simple and economical decorative method, with a shape change, color change, there are three-dimensional changes, and gloss changes.

The decorative parts are bright and dazzling, more vivid than the printed effect.

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