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The style of casual shoes
Sep 17, 2018

The basic requirement of casual sneakers is to be comfortable, light and personal, so protection and functionality will remain the two main features of casual sneakers. The design is characterized by the combination of retro and trendy, the style will be more expansive, highlighting the streamline movement. Men's Casual sneakers shape more rational, pay attention to elegant and generous, simple, smooth shape.

Women's casual sneakers for the pursuit of comfort, elegance and solemnity, the shape of small changes. In terms of style, embodies simple lines, floating lines, lyrical and light, but also give people the thrill of ups and downs. In general, it is to the development of simplicity. Simple is the main principle of leisure shoes this winter. Its trend is to emphasize the comfortable romantic style, sleek uniform vision, a mix of various materials and easy to wear off the structural design. Men's Casual shoes emphasize natural innocence, sneakers and boots are mainstream styles to suit the needs of outdoor activities. Color will be a large number of natural echoes with the primary color is the main principle of leisure shoes this winter.

Its trend is to emphasize the comfort of romantic style, smooth uniform vision. Opposites embody the tension, the contradiction embodies the perfect, the two re-fusion collocation, simple in the elegant temperament.

On the fashionable stage of the casual sneakers, the large, asymmetric ruffles cascade and the casual canvas edges make this season even more dazzling. Sports wind scraping and scraping, often scraping, fashion movement is the trend. Because of the success of the 2008 Olympic Games, many international brands have launched the Olympic fashion leisure sports money.

The line of the upper and sole, with a strong running and sprint charm, lively, brisk, very dynamic. Always nostalgic, it is time to innovate.  "Future doctrine" will be a popular trend, such as the production of shoes. The shoes are actually sneakers, but the shoes are leather, the shoes of the material more yuan.

At the cultural level, the shoes have been somewhat detached from the movement and are clearly labeled with fashion.

The contour line design of the uppers and soles presents a variety of trends, fully expressing the romantic, leisure, relaxed, lively and jumping emotions.

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