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Fashion Slip-on Canvas Men PVC Shoes

Fashion Slip-on Canvas Men PVC Shoes

Product Name:Fashion Slip-on Canvas Men PVC Shoes
Item Code:XLS-IM009
Item Type:Injection Shoesv Gender:Men

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Everyone loves canvas shoes for different reasons, but the most classic reason is that canvas shoes can be versatile. Fashion Slip-on Canvas Men PVC Shoes can be worn with anything, wearing canvas shoes without taboos, very casual. Canvas shoes with jeans, easy and free, comfortable and simple, is the eternal truth.

Canvas shoes are suitable for all occasions, work, travel, sports, will be one of the best choices. Wearing a pair of lively and comfortable canvas casual shoes, walking in the busy green life, will bring a touch of ease and stability.


Product Name:

Fashion Slip-on Canvas Men PVC Shoes

Item Code:


Item Type:

Injection Shoes



Upper Material:


Lining Material:


Outsole Material:


Size Range:



First look at the upper when selecting canvas shoes. Canvas shoes, as the name suggests, are usually made of canvas. When purchasing, it is necessary to see whether the upper curve of the upper is normal, whether the two shoes are symmetrical, whether there is any color difference; whether the stitching of the stitching at different parts of the upper is even and neat, whether there is broken thread, jump stitch; whether the color is consistent; from the heel Look at whether the shoe body and the sole are vertical, whether the lace hole is skewed, whether the left and right are facing the lining; whether the printed pattern and the text printed on the upper are clear, and whether the decorative icon pasted or stitched is firm.

Then check the soles. The sole of the sole is generally made of rubber outsole. Such a sole needs to be wear-resistant, anti-slip, and light, so it is necessary to see whether the anti-slip stripes on the sole are clear when purchasing. There is no glue defect. Whether the stripe spacing is uniform, and whether the sole color of the same material is the same. See if there are any stomata or blistering.

Finally check the insole. The insole should be soft to the touch and have a certain elasticity. The printed trademark should be clear. Look at the rubber bonding parts to see if there are small glue spots and bubbles. Put the two shoes on the ground and check the color, pattern, height, length and width of each part.

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