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Fly Knit Sports Shoes for Men

Fly Knit Sports Shoes for Men

Product Name:Fly Knit Sports Shoes For Men
Item Code:XLS-IM011
Item Type:Injection Shoes

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1. Flying line knit upper, light and comfortable, not stuffy feet, fashion casual to give you a soft and comfortable foot experience.

2. Non-slip wear-resistant outsole, lightweight non-slip PVC sole, flexible and folding, non-slip wear-resistant, stable grip, rainy wetland does not slip.

3. Breathable and woven inside, the air circulation inside the shoes, comfortable and comfortable, no boring feet, comfortable foot experience.


Product Name:

Fly Knit Sports Shoes For Men

Item Code:


Item Type:

Injection Shoes



Upper Material:


Outsole Material:


Size Range:



1. Wipe the shoes with a wet towel. The shoes are stuffed with toilet paper.

2. Apply a blue moon (central detergent) to the wet towel and slowly wipe the shoes. The black plastic print will slowly wipe down.

3. After the two shoes are wiped, use the spray head to clean the shoes.

4. Take out the toilet paper inside, and then change the toilet paper to only insert the toe. Put the shoes in a cool, ventilated place that does not face the sun, and dry them thoroughly. Do not use a hair dryer or heating to dry and dry the whole process.

The entire process, as described above, reduces the coating and glue on the surface of the shoe to a minimum damage cleaning process.

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