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Fall Flat Bottom Suede Men's Footwear

Fall Flat Bottom Suede Men's Footwear

Product Name:Fall Flat bottom Suede Men's Footwear
Item Code:XLS-VM030
Item Type:Vulcanized Shoes

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1. Soft upper, easy to care, delicate texture, soft and comfortable, bring comfort to your feet, and care for your feet.

2. Choose comfortable inner lining, easy to walk without tired feet, moisture wicking

3. Exquisite car line, strong and durable

4. Rubber sole, cushioning anti-collision, anti-skid and wear-resistant


Product Name:

Fall Flat bottom Suede Men's Footwear

Item Code:


Item Type:

Vulcanized Shoes



Upper Material:


Lining Material:


Outsole Material:


Size Range:


Washing and maintenance

To wash suede shoes, use a professional leather cleaning agent. Generally, the pH should be controlled in neutral or weakly acidic. First clean the stains and mud of the sole and upper with a hard brush, and wash the upper with a soft brush. After brushing, remove the residual washing liquid with clean water, dry the water with a dry towel, dry it in a cool place, dry it, and if it is faded, use the same color of the repair agent to repair the color, usually the suede after washing. The shoes may also have a falling pile phenomenon. The wool can be combed with a hard brush or a wire brush, the suede is smoothed in the same direction, and finally the oil-proof and waterproof care agent is sprayed, so that a pair of suede shoes complete the care.

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