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Slip-on Washed Canvas Shoes for Men

Slip-on Washed Canvas Shoes for Men

Product Name:Slip-on Washed Canvas Shoes for Men
Item Code:XLS-VM022
Item Type:Vulcanized Shoes

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Slip-on Washed Canvas Shoes for Men combines modern design with impeccable quality materials to embody the spirit of youth. This shoe is made of cloth material. Compared with leather, it has a high surface area groove. It can use its capillary action to quickly absorb sweat from the feet, keep the skin dry and comfortable, breathable, and protect your feet. Free walking without worry.


Product Name:

Slip-on Washed Canvas Shoes for Men

Item Code:


Item Type:

Vulcanized Shoes



Upper Material:

Washed Canvas

Lining Material:


Outsole Material:


Size Range:



1. Can be washed, the water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees.

2. It is not suitable for bleaching, it is not suitable for drying, and it is better to dry naturally.

3. It is not suitable to expose to the sun and fire to avoid deformation and breakage of the shoes.

4. Scrub or soft brush can be used for washing. It is not advisable to use a hard brush to avoid damage to the fabric fiber and affect the color of the hand-painted pattern.

5. Do not touch corrosive substances such as solvents, acids, alkalis, oils, etc.

6. When not wearing, it should be properly stored and maintained.

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