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The Color Characteristics Of Sneakers
Sep 17, 2018

The color of the sneakers is determined by the light reflected in the material itself. Sports shoes design and use of color with unfair embodiment of design style, design trends, but also to make the movement of the unsightly, entertaining greatly improved, at the same time embodies the movement itself lively, dynamic and lively characteristics.

The color of sneakers compared with leather shoes, rubber shoes, with a large color use, a wide range, color collocation complex, visual experience rich features, mainly in the following aspects: (1) Color in the use of sports shoes help surface materials: sneakers to help the surface of the color of the material than leather shoes, rich and diversified.

Decorative colors not only include common colors, but also a lot of use of metal color, laser, flash and so on. (2) The use of color in the sports soles: leather shoes, rubber shoes, the big bottom color is more than monochrome or two-color, sneaker outsole is 3-5 colors. The choice of color range is large, the brightness of color, high purity.

Color matching is not limited by too many, can be a pure color, but also a variety of color combinations, especially some in leather shoes, rubber shoes are difficult to see the color, in the use of sports shoes frequently, particularly eye-catching, so that it full of vitality and vitality. (3) The use of sports shoes packaging and propaganda color: sports shoes are full of motion characteristics of the product, the movement itself is the goal of human life, so this product has to receive guidance and encourage people to move up the characteristics.

General sports shoes are very focused on the product and advertising color flexible and diverse, highlighting the characteristics of sports shoes and the sense of the feeling to stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. (4) Another embodiment of the color characteristics of sports shoes is closely related to the fashion trend of clothing and sports shoes closely follow the changes in fashion trends, by the fashion color of great influence.

As a sneaker designer and producer, we should pay attention to the trend of fashion fabric color.

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