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Tips For Buying Canvas Shoes
Sep 17, 2018

Optional Canvas shoes are the best choice of regular manufacturers or professional manufacturers of products, such manufacturers pay more attention to credibility, better technology, the selected material is relatively good. In the packaging of the shoe box regular manufacturers are generally marked size, color, production materials used, manufacturers telephone, and its quality standards.

The packing box is also very beautiful. When choosing canvas shoes, look at the upper. Canvas shoes, as the name implies, the upper is generally made of canvases. When choosing to see whether the upper curve is normal, whether the two shoes are symmetrical, there is no color difference, the upper seam of different parts of the suture is uniform and neat, there is no disconnection, jumping needle; the shoes from the heel of the body and the soles are perpendicular, the laces hole is not skewed, whether the design and the text is clear,

The pasted or stitched decorative icon is firm. and check the soles. Soles are generally used rubber outsole, such as the soles of the requirements wear-resistant, anti-slippery, but also to light, so choose to see the soles of the anti-skid stripe is clear. There is no glue defect. The stripe spacing is uniform, and the sole color of the same material is consistent.

See if there are any pores or blisters. Finally check the insoles. Insole with hand touch to be soft, have a certain flexibility, printing the trademark to be clear. Look at the rubber adhesive parts, see if there is a small plastic dots, bubbles. Compare two shoes on the ground, check the color, pattern, height, length and width of each part.

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