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Tips For Matching Canvas Shoes
Sep 17, 2018

Canvas shoes How to put on the line, wearing their own style the most important, jeans the safest, how not coordinated, but also to create a conflict of the contradictions of beauty. Black canvas shoes with the most convenient, casual matching are very good-looking, casual clothes can be paired with, denim are can, black canvas shoes super good match, summer you can t-shirt, the following jeans (shorts can be pants), autumn and winter can be paired with denim trousers wear. Black high-top canvas shoes with a pair of color, no matter what kind of clothes can match. Basically do not pick color.

As long as you do not match the dress.

Contradictory romance: Girls spring and summer necessary snow spinning dress, with canvas shoes to guide back to Neutral, lively route, with colorful tights or semi-socks also have the finishing touch effect.

City of Elegance: a starched suit with leather canvas shoes, especially in dark color, imitation of the old style is better.

Casual denim: Canvas shoes and jeans are the most suitable, especially narrow tube small straight trousers.

Pretty sports girl, pocket skirt with high-tube or extra-high boots-type canvas shoes, but pick people to wear, slim long legs most suitable. How to ride the canvas shoes, the only taboo is to fall pants, because the canvas shoes narrow, flat, can not support the visual almost fell down the pants, but like wrapped feet as top-heavy.

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